March 29, 2016

8 Photography Channels to follow on Youtube

Hey phellow photog phriends!

Today I’m sharing my top 8 photography channels on Youtube that I LOVE to watch while I’m sitting at home editing/working/whatever the heck it is that us photographers really do. If you don’t already know, Youtube is the perfect platform for “How-To” videos and endless learning. If you’re here now, it’s because of your desire to learn. Let’s keep that ball rolling, shall we?




My favorite resource for learning more about photoshop and post-production. If  you’ve never visited before, you’ll most likely find yourself still watching tutorials 3 hours later.




This channel is the perfect mix of hilarity, reviews, and tutorials. Unsure about buying a lens? These guys have probably done a video that will help you make that final decision. Caution, some of their videos are  SUPER cringe-worthy. Just look for the durability tests and you’ll see what I mean…


3.Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden

My ALL TIME favorite conceptual photographer. I’m pretty stoked that she has a channel, cause it makes stalking her work SO much easier. Brooke’s channel is my favorite source for inspiration on Youtube. She’ll make you want to go out and make some beauuutiful images.


4.Michael Woloszynowicz (That’s a mouthfull!)

Michael Woloszynowicz

He’s the retouching expert. Do yourself a favor and watch his videos. No buts about it. GO! GO! GO!


5.Jessica Whitaker

Jessica whitaker

She’s a hip, young photographer that is willing to share her knowledge. Since I am also a youngin, I find her videos to be uplifting and a reminder that I, too, am capable of the same great things.


6.Andrei Oprinca (PSDBOX)

Andrei Oprinca

Another great channel for Photoshop tutorials. If you’re wanting to get better at compositing and and creating abstract artwork, this is the channel for you!


7.Irene Rudnyk

Irene Rudnyk

Let’s be real. Irene’s work is GORG. That’s my #1 reason for stalking her channel. You’ll either love her or you won’t. It’s worth a try!


8.Framed Show

Framed Show

The perfect channel for discovering new photographers and seeing behind the scenes from their shoots. I like to check here for footage of some of my favorite photogs in the industry.


Until next time phriends,
-Jessica Heller

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