January 2, 2017

Another Year in the Books – 2016 Recap | 2017 Goals

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Hey everyone,

It’s that time of year again!

As the Holidays passed, I found myself thinking ‘What did I actually accomplish this year?’ It seems as if nothing major happened, but that’s okay. 2016 may have been a filler year… and let’s be honest, did anyone really like 2016? All joking aside, I realized that I never truly recognize my accomplishments until I rewind a year and wade through my social media.

1. Money, Money, Money…
As much as I love photography and truly couldn’t care what I earned every year… It is important that I can pay my bills and sustain my end of this marriage. It keeps the financial stress at a minimum, and the creative vibes at the max!

-Average Sale Increased in every genre
-Gross Profits almost doubled from last year
-Reached my Senior Target Market (But that doesn’t mean the battle is won!)

2. Learning & Growth
I think people can sometimes underestimate my love for photography. Learning and growing is my DRUG. I get giddy when I have these breakthroughs! Than the high wears off and it’s never enough… and that’s the problem with any addiction. Everyone deserves to be “addicted” to something that is utterly AWESOME for their life.

-Attended the Kitchen Sink Workshop
I had a blast,  got some amazing resources, and I just couldn’t be more thankful!

-Editing/Style better realized
I always think I know everything there is to know about editing, but I am wrong. This year I learned some new styles that I have been drooling over for years! However,  that doesn’t mean I’ve picked one overall style. God knows that is impossible for me since I love soooo many. I take pride being a Jack of all Trades/Styles.

A Favorite image from the KSW

3. Got another Cat + a Dog!
Yes, we live in a shelter. I love my furbabies, okay? So now there’s Rupert, Nova, and Felicia!


Nova, our Siberian Husky <3

4. Teamed up with Local Businesses/Photographers
Making new friends is my favorite. Nothing beats sitting down with someone new and watching their eyes light up as they talk about their passion. I’ve met so many amazing souls this year and couldn’t be more thankful!

-Boutique Senior Experience lined up for 2017 Seniors!

5. Got Featured!

– On 3 new blogs including Seniorologie, Lemonade & Lenses, and Senior Style Guide (but this last one hasn’t been released yet!)
– Made SSG’s Hot 100 Senior Photographers list!
– Rented a kiosk at the Mall for two months. It was something new, and definitely beneficial.

SSG Hot 100 Winning Image

2017 Goals:

  • Get Married, Duh!
  • Compete/Place in more Photo Contests
  • Improve my Youtube Channel
  • Online Sales for Photographers
  • Make Icon Status in the 2017 Hot 100
  • Book a Destination Wedding
  • Take more “exercise breaks” while working from home
  • Refrain from bringing another pet home
  • Enforce the small things that’ll greatly improve your life and business <3


That concludes my 2016 Recap | 2017 Goals. Let me know what you are most excited to see from us in 2017!


Sincerely & Passionately,
– Jessica

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