August 19, 2016

Wendi Wells + Family

FILED IN: Family, Maternity

Wendi reached out to me months ago about doing family, maternity, and newborn photography. When I first met with her, I knew right away that she was going to be an absolute pleasure to photograph! Wendi was STUNNING and sooo passionate about when she spoke. I left that initial consultation feeling lifted and ready to pass on that positive energy she somehow sent through me…

Weeks later, I met Cali and Brandon and saw how happy they all were together. I cannot wait to meet their new baby girl. She will be so loved. <32016-08-12_0001 2016-08-12_0003 2016-08-12_00152016-08-12_00102016-08-12_00112016-08-12_0004   2016-08-12_0008   2016-08-12_0006 2016-08-12_00052016-08-12_00092016-08-12_00072016-08-12_00132016-08-12_0012 2016-08-12_0014

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